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Services Available

Many insurance companies offer health insurance coverage for counselling services.
Contact your insurance provider directly to discuss their policies.

Couples Therapy
Couples Counselling
Psychologist's Office
Individual Counselling

We offer couples therapy for dating, engaged, and married couples of all ages and sexual orientations. We offer a safe, compassionate, and warm environment to help our client’s process their emotions, recognize patterns of destructive behaviour, and assist couples in finding ways to better relate to each other.

Our mental health professionals provide a safe space for children and adolescents to process their emotions and thoughts, learn healthy coping skills, and help parents to learn skills to better meet their child’s mental health needs.

Our mental health professionals offer family therapy, with a focus on strengthening family connections, by resolving conflict and teaching family’s skills to support them through stressful times.

We want to make therapy accessible to everyone, no matter their location. Virtual sessions are great because you can access counselling services from the comfort of your home, parked vehicle, or office. Virtual sessions save time too, no drive time to and from our office.

Life can be overwhelming and challenging at times, whether it be from job loss, relationships issues, a traumatic experience, or a multitude of other factors that can leave you feeling out of control, stressed, misunderstood, and alone. We are here for you. Our mental health professionals are here to support you during these challenging times because you deserve to feel better. Our mental health professionals will work with you to explore your feelings, better understand yourself, learn healthy coping strategies, and work towards the desired change you want to see in your life.

Girl at the female therapist
Child & Adolescent Counselling
Family Counselling
Online counselling
Online Counselling

Areas of Focus

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • trauma/PTSD

  • ADHD

  • addictions

  • life transitions

  • relationship concerns

  • self-esteem

  • body image distress

  • sexuality

  • life coaching

  • family conflict

  • premarital issues

  • pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum

  • health issues and chronic illness

  • codependency

  • coping skills

  • divorce

  • domestic violence

  • family conflict

  • grief

  • infidelity

  • marital and premarital

  • pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum

  • relationship issues

  • self-esteem

  • self-harming

  • sexual abuse

  • trauma and PTSD

Green Leaf

Therapy Fees

Individual Counselling
$130 per session (50 minutes)


Couples Counselling
$150 per session (50 minutes)


Family Counselling
$150 per session (50 minutes)


Home Visits
$200 per session (50 minutes)

Visa, Mastercard, and
E-transfer are all accepted payment options.

Payment is due on the date of your appointment. 


Charges for the full session fee may apply if you cancel an appointment, without 48 hours' notice. 

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