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Meet the Team

We are committed to providing high quality professional counselling
services by licensed professionals, informed by best practices, current
research and the highest ethical standards.


Phaedra Panazzola, RSW, MSW, MSc

Founder & CEO

My role as your therapist will be to assist you in identifying the current challenges you are facing, which may mean exploring past trauma, learning strategies to deal with your feelings in a healthy way, or setting boundaries with people in your life.  By working together, we will focus on your goals and where you want to be.​Clients appreciate my non-judgmental, down-to-earth approach. With 24/7 online scheduling, and the ability to offer clients in-person, online, in-home, or walk and talk therapy sessions, I make therapy convenient and easy to fit into your busy life.


Cindy Ferguson, RSW, MSW

Social Worker

I provide virtual and in-person appointments for adults dealing with anxiety and depression, anger issues, life coaching, work-related stress, and substance abuse.  ​In our work together, we will identify positive coping strategies that are helpful for you.  My goal for my clients is that you start to feel like you deserve to find joy in life and that you have what it takes to make positive changes.  We will get to the root of these issues so that you can feel free from the daily struggle and start to enjoy your life more.  Life will always have its mountains and valleys, but you'll feel ready to tackle those, knowing you are not alone in it.


Christina Benkel

Office Administrator

My role is to assist our staff with their administrative needs so they are able to concentrate on clients care. 

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